Alba Botanica -Acnedote : REVIEW.

The Reviews

There is literally not enough space for me to list everything I’ve used on my skin. Sweet baby Jesus, I am honestly a dermatological guinea pig.


Until I found this cheeky bugger.

Alba Botanica is a fancy-ass, oil-free astringent, which means it effectively closes your pores. I bought mine from Holland & Barrett, and I use it every night.

I never, ever expect this kind of stuff to work – believe me, when I try – it’s in vain.

But holy balls. This stuff works.

Since coming off the pill, my skin occasionally spazzes out. The usual place, for me, is my chin. Proper sore ones too, you know the type – the ones that make you look like a fucking mutant because they swell and just.wont.DIE.

Acnedote, however, actually calms my skin. I take after my dad with skin, and that means my pores could house a family and their small dog. So when this stuff started clearing them and reducing my pores – my spots stopped.

My voice says Michelle, but my skin felt like Queen B.

If you struggle with oily skin, this is also amazing for neutralising that shit.No more shiny-face selfies for you, my sweet.

Christ, I sound like Gok Wan. Wait, he does fashion. Who does cosmetics? Fuck knows.

Anyway, aye. Try it and love it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be your bitch for a week.


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