Launch of ‘The Diary’

The Diary, Uncategorized

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t actually like reading about depression when I’m trying to read a review, or check up on a little fashion article. Kills the vibe a little, na’mean?

So, I’ve decided to separate the content of moody into two categories – happy shit, and mental shit.

The happy shit (fashion uploads, reviews, daily shenanigans) will be uploaded as regular posts. The mental stuff will be part of ‘The Diary’. This means that, if you’re interested in reading about my progress or my views on something related to the conditions, it’s easier for you to find. It also means you aren’t simultaneously reading about Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette and me wanting to dropkick people’s faces – which is always a welcome convenience.

Said posts will be labelled as ‘Diary’. For all you permanently happy people who like unicorns and butterflies etc – these are ones you won’t like.

Fashion posts will be called ‘Clathes’. (Cl-ay-thz for my non-Scottish friends.) I jest, they’ll be called The Fashion Edit.

Reviews will be named as such, will the product/place clearly shown – whatever tickles your pickle.

And I’m also going to occasionally post creative exposure columns, showing off some amazing work by my talented friends, and people I generally think are smashin’ at what they do. This will be the Creative Hub. As a photographer, this is important to me. RESPECT, BRUV.

So aye, navigate your way around that bad boy.


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