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The Fashion Edit

Judging by my day-to-day apparel, you wouldn’t think I have a keen interest and knowledge of fashion. You’d probably think my style icons were Rab C Nesbit, or maybe Joan Jett on a good day. The fact is, I’ve studied fashion over the years and expanded into the styling field while working as a photographer. I rarely get to show my own style, considering I spend most of my time in my work uniform and I simply don’t have the time or money to shop where I really want to.

COS. The Row.Chloe. Zadig et Voltaire.

That being said, I take my love of fashion to social media. I follow a tonne of ridiculously well-dress folks with the most flawless feeds. I always like to follow the official designer pages, too. Just because I actually like the creative processes behind the collections. I sound like a wanker saying that, right? But it’s true. Being a creative student made me appreciate the designers’ influences and watch how they promoted their work.

Anyway, the point of this post is to show off a couple of my favourites to follow!

You’re welcome!


Lucy @ Florals 


Lucy’s feed is easily one of my favourites, simply because it’s so well put together. Her personal style comes through so well, combining a lot of day-to-day looks as well as some special pieces. You’ll never see a layout shot done so well, either. Florals and Corals is ideal if you love minimalist styles with a feminine twist, or Paris-worthy chic outfits. The blog also gives you the option to shop alternatives to Lucy’s looks, making it easy to emulate her style if you choose to. Following Lucy also proved interesting, as she recently openly spoke about her struggle with an eating phobia and elements of OCD. Head over to her blog to read more, and be ready to cry with outfit envy.

Blog: // Instagram: LucyFlorals


Terri @ ‘Her Fastest Fashion’



Credit: Her Fastest Fashion

Working with Terri, I know that this girl knows her stuff. I’ll always seek her opinion when it comes to abusing the staff discount! Her Fastest Fashion is all about well..that. Terri blogs about making fashion accessible and open to everyone, specialising in cost-effective style which I really admire. The blog is full of urban fashion, with a splash of sass for more glam looks. Terri makes it easy to focus on individual products, too. So you can track down your favourite bits and bobs, and make them your own. Not to mention, the blog hosts a number of giveaways – and who doesn’t love a giveaway? If you love street-wear with a girly touch, or bold statement pieces, follow Terri!

Blog: // Instagram: HerFastestFashion


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