Playing Catch-Up.


I’d love to say that I was too busy to post for the past few weeks, but the truth is, I’ve had absolutely nothing to say – for once. I’ve been working, drinking and generally being a floating soul.

The response to my last post, ‘Love From A Lunatic’, was…interesting. Along with a number of messages from people with their own tales, the page’s views sky-rocketed. Which made me realise one thing – you bitches will do anything to read about someone’s love life. But that’s what it’s there for, I guess.

To summarise the past few weeks, however, here’s some bullet points.

  • I’m still slightly mad. CBT has continued, medication has been renewed and I’m floating along like a fart in the wind.
  • I’ve gained about 5 pounds, and so now have embarked on a horrific, painful journey to shift it. I now drink Green Tea and only have ‘fun’ carbs twice a week. I do not recommend it.
  • I’ve seen Deadpool, and realised that Ryan Reynolds has a crooked bottom tooth. Anyone that knows me will know how deeply that affects me.

So, as I said earlier, nothing too exciting. But I’m working on some new posts for you guys, if you’re still reading.

I hope everyone is well, and if you’re a fellow lunatic, the page is somewhat helpful to you.

Let’s be sassy.




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