The New Addition To Our Family – James ‘Jinky’ McCormick!


Meet Jinky, he’s now nearly 11 weeks old, and was adopted from the animal rescue centre where I work. Jinky, along with his two siblings and his mother, were found abandoned in a park when the kittens were 2 weeks old. At the time, I worked in the cattery department of the centre and fell completely in love with them all!

After a fair bit of thought, I pitched the idea of adopting him to my grandparents. I thought that the kitten would be good for them both, giving my gran something new to focus on besides my papa, and giving my papa company while he deals with vascular dementia. The kitten would keep both their brains ticking over and entertain them. My gran is a natural carer, so she’s completely thrived on looking after him. My papa, on the other hand, was caught feeding him baked beans from his dinner plate.

I’d love to blame the dementia, but my papa is a feeder. 



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