I Fell Off The Wagon… and It Hurt.


I’m laughing at myself while I write this.

My healthy eating/mental health experiment went bust..big time.

I won’t bother making all the usual excuses. I simply lost motivation. It started with a Dominos, and ended in me gaining back all the weight I’d initially lost. My usually spacious size 10’s were stretched within an inch of their life, and my muffin top was starting to looking like a full-blown bakery. Thinking about it now, I was totally unrealistic and somewhat obsessive. I was completely depriving myself of food I enjoyed, thus making my cravings ten times stronger.

And so, here we are. I’m setting up my Fitbit, again, and sipping peppermint tea to get my relatively large arse back into gear. My main problem was eating out of boredom – something which can be frequent when living alone. So I’ve kick-started my walking routine, again, in the hope that this will distract me and burn off any treats I’m allowing myself this time around.

Prior to the relapse, I did notice a difference. I had far more energy, meaning I fought off any ‘bad days’ much easier. My skin was the best it had been since I was 18, and I felt genuinely good about my body for the first time in…ppft..5 years?

AND SO, it is with the deepest dedication and highest hopes that I plan to start again. I’ve noticed where the problems lie – living next to an ice cream shop and drinking beer, primarily. Not to mention the frequent pity parties I was throwing during a turbulent fortnight of hangovers, stressful working days and being dumped on my birthday – another tale, another time.

Anyway, take two…


 dancing friends tv show eating fat GIF


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